Five Ways to Naturally Keep your Teeth White!


posted by on Ashley Hebert, DMD.



There’s nothing I love more than a crisp, white, clean looking smile. If you are against doing the in-office whitening at the dentist’s office, or the at-home over-the-counter products, there are a few natural ways to keep a blinding white smile!

1. Stay away! Avoid consumption of food and drinks such as wine, tea, hard candy, soda, and other acidic beverages that can erode the outer enamel. If you can’t stay away, an alternative would be to drink from a straw to avoid the bathing your teeth with these discoloring substances. Or rinse vigorously with water after consumption.

2. Eat raw. Consume plentiful fruits and vegetables in their raw forms. The roughness and texture of these foods form a mild abrasive that easily clean surface stains and keep your teeth looking and feeling fresh.

3. Floss. One of the most underrated activities known to mankind. If you only brush twice a day, you are missing 40% of your tooth surface. Think of it. Eww.

4. Replace old fillings. If you have old anterior fillings, it may be beneficial to have them replaced if you notice staining or any leakage around the edges.

5. Wear red lipstick. ;)


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