Getting Booed on After the Final Rose.


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…probably not what you thought.

If there are a couple things in life that I have a soft spot for I’d have to say they were children, dogs, and well…Starbucks. I first got my dog, Boo, a 4.5lb Yorkshire Terrier when I was recovering from my breakup with Brad Womack. Boo was my rebound. As I was preparing to leave for The Bachelorette, my parents happily agreed to take care of her while I found her a daddy. At this point I had Boo for about 3 months, and my parents puppysat for a whopping total of 7 months! Essentially, I felt like my parents adopted her, and I worried she would forget who I was. Would she remember the infamous high-pitched dog voice that originated when she was just a pup? I worried. Now, Boo is being dogygsat by her grandparents AGAIN due to mommy and daddy’s busy schedule….I worry more…

Until my parents sent me this photo taken of her as soon as she heard our voices on After the Rose on Monday night…

It kind of reminds me of this…

ok maybe not exactly. but still sweet.



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