Insecurities. Everyone Has At Least One of These. Liberate Yourself!


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When I look back at some of the most difficult and the most rewarding parts of doing “The Bachelorette” I can’t help but think how the process of overcoming my physical insecurities landed in both of the columns.

Being called an “ugly duckling” on national television is most probably not an ego boost, and being critiqued by the twittersphere over and over again about having a large forehead or bow legs, or simply just not being pretty enough to deserve your own show. I caught myself trying to find a way to mask them in any way possible. For the ten weeks that the show aired, I found myself having somewhat of an outer body experience. I wanted out of my body.

In no way is this an effort to receive pity and rebuild my confidence with your kind comments, but it is my effort to help you feel better about yourself, and find solace in being “flawed”.

1. You are not alone.

No matter who you are, we all have at least one insecurity.

Kristen Stewart dislikes her “large ears”.

Paris Hilton is insecure about her “large, size 11 feet”.

Megan Fox always tries to hide her misshapen thumbs.

2. Insecurities can be self-limiting!

Whether it’s your forehead, your nose, your teeth, your thighs, or even your big toe, insecurities are what make us feel out of place and they truly do affect the way you act, the way your perceive yourself, and your interactions with other people. Life is tough enough as it is at times, don’t allow yourself to set yourself back!

3. You are wonderfully unique.

If you’re insecure about something its most likely because not many people have “it”, and “it” falls outside of what is considered to be the “norm”. Remember, society and media essentially create what is “normal” and the normas aren’t always necessarily true. View this quality as not something that makes you feel out of place, but as something that makes you a unique individual.

4. Start working inside then outside, in that order.

I’ve come to learn that it is only when you reach a point of happiness, security, and confidence in what you hold inside, that you rid yourself of this nonsense. So if you find your insecurities interfering with your happiness, start inward and work your way out. and it’s so much cheaper than plastic surgery. ;)

5. Confidence is a beautiful thing.

Have you ever found yourself meeting someone for the first time and you are so blown away by their outgoing personality, the affirmation in which they speak, the kindness in their voice, the sincerity in their eye contact. This is a person with confidence. Whether you think its warranted or not, it makes you more approachable, more likable, more trustable, and overall more attractive. You should try it.

Plus, confidence is soooo in this season.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite movie quotes and a photo that liberates me from my own biggest insecurity. What is yours?

“You will spend your lives trying to figure out how to keep others down because it makes you feel more important. There is a big world out there bigger than prom, bigger than high school. It won’t matter if you were the prom queen or the quarterback of the football team or the biggest nerd in the school. Find out who you are and try not to be afraid of it.” -Drew Barrymore, Never Been Kissed



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