Nonannoyingly Optimistic! 5 Ways to Rid Negativity from Your Life!


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Having been through a massive amount of self-reflection in the past year, I have become aware of many of my flaws. Alternatively, I have been able to cherish a number of my best qualities and one of them is, for better or worse, highlighting the good and looking for a positive spin on everything. Of course, if taken overboard in a “happy go, annoyingly lucky” attitude, this behavior tactic certainly becomes null. But if you realistically, and honestly can find the positive spin where appropriate, it really can change all aspects of your life and lead to better days and endless opportunity!

1. Be aware of it. A lot of the time, most negative people don’t even realize that they are negative because this is the norm to them. They have the attitude that feels “this is just the way it is”. I think it’s important to talk to people that are in your life, and take constructive criticism from people who may have brought this to your attention. It’s healthy to self-reflect, and it’s okay to be flawed…we all are!

2. Surround yourself by positive people! Have you ever found yourself in a group of people who are complaining and nagging about something, and in turn, you feel the only way to be a part of the conversation is to do the same? Continuously surrounding yourself by people who look at a glass as half empty can train your brain to believe this is the way it is. Not only does this set limitations as to what you think you can do, but it also trains your brain to associate certain activities, or people with these negative thoughts. You ARE, whether you like it or not, a product of your environment, so make it a good one!

3. Train yourself to actively look for the good. If there’s one thing that is hard to do, it’s breaking a habit, or routine. It’s like starting to go to the gym. At first, you have to actively push yourself to get there, but after a couple weeks of that, your brain has been trained and it has become a part of your “normal routine”. Same thing. So if something happens in your life that warrants an attitude adjustment, actively tell yourself: 1. This has happened and I can not change it. 2. What is the worse possible case scenario? And is it really THAT bad? 3. How do I adapt to what has happened and move forward. If you actively make this a part of your thinking process, it will seamlessly become a part of your attitude!

4. Give people a shot. I am a firm believer in giving everyone a fair shot. If you’ve heard of preconceived warnings about someone, be weary, but also be open. Each person’s interaction with someone can be very different. I sometimes find myself acting a different way around certain people, because they give off a certain vibe, good or bad. Someone else may get a completely different vibe from them and they may have a different interaction. Also, be prepared for disappointment and in certain situations, you may look like the “idiot” that did not take the warning. But know that everyone deserves a shot to prove someone wrong…you never know, you may be surprised.

5. Accomplish yourself! People that set goals for themselves and achieve them are more likely to have higher confidence and therefore, are less likely to have a depressive attitude. They are also less likely to search for the satisfaction in putting other people down to give them the confidence they are lacking! So right now, make a list of the 5 things you would like to achieve in the next 30 days. It could be as simple as scrubbing the tub, to going for a walk without your phone. Check off these tasks and check into a lifestyle of higher confidence, more happiness, and endless possibilities!

Being overly happy can be incredibly annoying to some people. This positive attitude only applies to non extreme situations and should be used with caution in extreme situations. ;)

Off to make my list!
Hope this helps brighten your day!



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