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I’ve had a lot of you asking how I got the glow in this photo! I could be cheesy and say “it’s being in love”, but the truth is, its the makeup! I always remember seeing photos of JLo and wondering, how did she get that shimmer look that made her glow! After searching for years, I think I figured it out! ;) Here’s how YOU can get it! xx

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13. Elite Eyelashes Black #19. Could not find these online! Buy you can get them at any drug store for $2.99 a box. They are simply the best lashes I’ve found out there!

Of all these products, I would have to say that the MakeUp Forever Camouflage Palette is my FAVORITE item. It is a concealer and highlighter in one and it covers up ANYTHING without giving it a “covered up, cakey” look. Love it!

Hope you enjoy! I’d love to hear what makes you glow!


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