Indiosyncrasies I Hate, but Actually Love. (JP)


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Our relationship has grown exponentially over the past year.  Needless to say, our dating path has not followed the norm, but at this point, our relationship develops similarly to any other healthy relationship.   Learning each other’s little idiosyncrasies is all a part of the natural dating evolution.  Sometimes these little habits can annoy one another to a point where it pulls a couple apart.  We, however, are fortunate that it only brings us closer together.  That being said, I figured I would share with you Ashley’s top 3 idiosyncrasies that I say annoy me, but in fact they are probably what I love most about her.

1.  You know that scene in Shallow Hal where Jack Black is going to see Gweneth Paltrow for the first time after the spell has been lifted and because he is afraid, he pretends to have pink eye and covers basically his entire face with Vaseline?  That’s what I think of whenever Ashley reaches into her purse and pulls out a tube of lip balm. For all of you who don’t know, my dearest love has a little idiosyncrasy that annoys the piss outta me, but in reality, I actually love her for it.  I’ve never seen anyone go through a tube of lip balm so fast in my entire life! I’m convinced she’s got a separate lip balm budget and if she doesn’t, she needs one immediately! I’m definitely an advocate soft lips, but her application habits go above and beyond.  Please understand, it’s not so much the frequency of her use, but more so the sheer quantity of use.  One of my great joys in life is kissing Ashley, however even I have my limits when she sometimes looks like THIS:

2.   Keeping with the hygiene theme, there’s her toilet paper usage.  Now maybe it’s because I  haven’t lived with a girl before and I just don’t know/understand what’s the required usage, but OMG!  I kid you not, we are buying toilet paper (4 pack) virtually EVERY WEEK!  Someone please tell me, is this normal?  Ashley is a very independent women and far be it from me to tell her what to do, but this has gotten so bad that I’ve had to stand there and regulate usage.  Yes, I’m a toilet paper nazi, so someone out there please tell me that this is just the way it is and that I should back off.
3.  Thanks to ABC, all of you have already heard Ashley’s dog voice, which I have come to adore (in moderation).  But what you don’t know is that Ashley spoils this dog more than any parent spoils their child.  I especially enjoy the 1-sided conversations that she has with her.  I really think that Ashley legitimately believes this dog is actually going to answer her one of these days.  In addition, it’s no secret that Ash doesn’t spend too much time in the kitchen, but Boo does get her fair share of scrambled eggs.  Lastly, as a proud new parent of a 4 lbs yorkie and still quite new at this, can all you dog owners out there tell me that it’s normal to leave the T.V. as a stimuli for your dog while you’re out of the house?

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