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Our relationship has certainly been a test in compromise and the ability to adapt to overwhelming transition. When we found out we had to move to New Jersey to be close to my new residency, we were confronted with a whole lot of decisions, changes, and most importantly compromises! When we realized we needed to buy a car to travel, we were actually really excited! There’s nothing I love more than cruising around, with the windows open…wind blowing through my hair…and bopping my head to old hip hop jams or belting to a new Adele song. I LOVE to drive! How exciting!

This process slowly went from awesome to…a freaking nightmare.

I can NOT even tell you how many hours….DAYS….we spent on autotrader.com and at this point, I know almost everything about every car…resale value, gas mileage, safety etc. No joke. JP quizzed me the other day on the street. A+

My first car was a Lime Green Volkswagen Beetle…and I loved it so much that after I got a Red Volkswagen Beetle Convertible. JP’s first car was a 1920 Dodge Dart! You can see our taste is a wee bit different! ;P

We asked you all on twitter…we talked cars over dinner…breakfast…lunch…dessert….pillow talk…shoots..I remember even talking about it to him in the shower. No joke.

It consumed our brains…but as mature adults we decided that these were our top priorities.

1. Safety!
2. Gas Mileage
3. We BOTH had to LOVE the car

Very long process and story short…. here is what we decided!!

Is the suspense killing you??

2012 Audi Q5!!!!!!

We fell in love with the Audi brand when the representative we were working with gave us a full exterior/interior tour of all the safety features Audi has that other cars don’t. It sold us. We feel proud to own an Audi and most importantly, feel safe knowing how much they care about their cars and their drivers.

This is how it addressed our priorities:

1. Audi Q5 Safety – 9.8 (Excellent). The 2012 Audi Q5 is an insurance industry Top Safety Pick. YAY!
2. It gets 27 highway mpg! Great for an SUV!
3. It was the #1 choice for both of us!!!!

A few of our favorite features!

Sturdy Safe Build-Safety… CHECK!

Multimedia Interface–DVD Player! Duh..now Boo can watch a movie while we drive. ;P

Full Top Moonroof–Sunshine In!

A VERY happy Birthday Girl!!

An even happier couple that NEVER wants to car shop again!! ;P



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