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This post is dedicated to sweet JP, who is the epitome of what one would think a New Yorker would be! He wears freshly pressed suits to work each day, and even knows where to stand on the subway in order to be closest to the stairs at the next train station. Too cute. I, however, am probably the complete opposite of a New Yorker. I love that small town feel, driving to the store, and walking in the grass. So when people ask me how I like New York, I never know what to say. As we inch closer to our “move to jersey” day…I am starting to feel nostalgic about all the things I love in NYC. Here are the things I’ll miss most:

1. The Food

Omg, the food is the best thing about New York.  My two favorite restaurants are Beauty and Essex and Scalinatella. Yummers.






2.  Convenience

Everything you need to survive is within a two block radius.  Need dry-cleaning? Done. Need new dish cloths? Done.  Need a good Thai Restaurant that delivers? Done. Need a hammer? Done.





3.  The Shopping

High end, low end, vintage…whatever you need, they have it.  And on top of that…it’s probably only a few blocks away.  Who needs online shopping?






4.  Seeing JP happy around his friends and family

I think its important in relationship to sacrifice some of the things you need/want to make the person you are with happy. Sometimes, seeing that person happy, is more fulfilling than what you wanted in the first place. When I found out that we would have to move to New Jersey in order for me to attend my Pediatric Dental Residency, I immediately felt an immense amount of guilt for taking JP out of NYC.  He’s lived here for 12 years.  His friends, family, memories, and his whole life is here. I am so grateful he is making this sacrifice for us, but I will certainly miss his love for this city and the happiness he feels when hes around his family and friends. :)






Good bye NYC. I’ll miss you.




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