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Moving to Jersey has been a serious hoot…I can’t help but notice the differences between NYC and Princeton:

I always used to have hurried pedestrians running infront of my car in NYC, now…








Boo used to be so frazzled in the city…








Now she’s cool as a cucumber…










Great Profile Boo.


We never had enough room for some of our most valued possessions…








One of our closets.

I felt it looked a bit empty…which gave me an excuse to go out and get some more of these…









And they say NYC has the best pizza? We die over this Buffalo Chicken Pizza at one of the local restaurants here…








I told JP I wanted to feel more comfort…

He tried to persuade me to get one of these…








Nice try, but no.  Comfy tho…I’ll give you that. ;P

Boo used to walk around the city…now…she rides in style.








Safety first.


NYC was a great place to get anything you need on short notice.  Even clip in hair extensions for a special event…now…








A very limited color selection. OMG, I got bangs. My hair is so now. (name the movie, come on!)

I used to be super busy in NYC, running here, running there…I never had time to just sit back and enjoy some down time….now..








I spend hours doing important things like taking photos and captioning them on the I’d Cap That application.

But the most significant advancement since relocating from NYC is by far …








The lengthening of my eyelashes.  Priorities, priorities!


I start my pediatric dental residency on Monday so I needed a little laugh…Hope you enjoyed!!


Love you all!




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