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We are so thankful to have the love and support of all our followers and all that believe in the sanctity of love and commitment. You have seen our relationship blossom from the start and now, we want to hear YOUR story!

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Kayla & Corey Maye from Bristol, TN

Never did I think I’d have to go all the way to Africa to find a husband! But…… God had bigger plans! I met my husband on a mission trip in Kenya in 2007. We both attended the same church, but had never even seen each other before! After the trip ended, we began dating, and I was deployed for the Airforce one month after we had made things official. The first 5 of 6 months of our relationship we spent apart through letter, emails, and phone calls. Just 3 short months after I returned from my deployment he proposed to me on a private island in Jamaica! The rest is history! We were married in St. Thomas in the USVI, where Corey vowed to watch the Bachelor with me for the rest of his life, in our funny/serious wedding vows. We are now approaching our two year wedding anniversary and couldnt be happier!



Stacy & Drew Thornton

Drew & I met in 2007 at a night club in Greensboro, NC. I went because I found out an ex was going to be there and I wanted to make him mad. While I was there I ran into a high school friend & Drew was with him. As I was dancing a little later, some creep started dancing with me and was rubbing all on me and I did not like it all- everytime I tried to excuse myself he’d just keep dancing around me. Finally I made eye contact with Drew, and gave him this look like “help me”- so he came over and slid in to dance with me, the other guy got the hint and left. I ended up giving my friend & Drew a ride home because it turned out we both were from the same town in Virginia and we actually lived about 15 minutes apart. We started dating, moved in together in 2008 & got engaged December 25, 2008. We got married in September 2009 & enjoyed a beautiful honeymoon in Jamaica. We had a daughter in July 2011 & we too have a yorkie Neo, he’s almost 5.



Andrew & Amanda

I met my wife in a bar by playing a prank on her – I asked if she remembered me from college, I had a couple of facts (I gleaned from others in the little surrounding area about her) and she agreed that yes – we knew each other. I then let her down a few minutes later after our “reunion.” The next day, I wound up tracking her down on Facebook since I didn’t get her number. Then – that was it.



Lesley & Andrew

My name is Lesley and my husband’s name is Andrew.  We have been married for a little over 2 years and we met 8 years ago as freshmen in college.  We were just friends for the 4 years we were in college.  We dated other people the whole time, but always remained close friends.  Then, we realized, we had more than a friendship.  Andrew  went straight to law school and we started dating his first semester there.  It was so great, because we already knew each other so well.  We were best friends and now we could discover each other as a couple.  It was the best decision I ever made. Even though I was scared to take our relationship to the next level for fear of losing a friendship if it went poorly, I took a risk, and I am so glad I did.  We got married a year after Andrew finished law school.  We now have bought our first house, have two dogs and a cat, and are loving life.  We love to do so many things together-travel, work out, sports, boating, and golf.  I love Andrew more than I ever thought possible and cannot imagine my life without my best friend in it.

Philip and I met with the help of others and although we lived thousands of miles apart – I was in MTL Canada and he was in London UK  – our love conquered being away from one another for a few years.


Nancy & Philip

I then decided to leave everything behind – family, friends and career – to move to London where I did not adapt very well.  I then asked Philip to leave everything for me and move back to Montreal which he did.We have both sacrificed a lot, been through a lot in order to make it work and now almost 5 years later, we are happily married and have a darling little 5 month old called Layla.TRUE love really does conquer all!!