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Then and Now….


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Moving to Jersey has been a serious hoot…I can’t help but notice the differences between NYC and Princeton: I always used to have hurried pedestrians running infront of my car in NYC, now…           Traffic.   Boo used to be so frazzled in the city…             [...]

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We decided to celebrate our one-year anniversary on Memorial Day weekend even though we actually got engaged on May 13th.  We are so happy that we have made it to one year and are still just as happy, if not happier as the first day we met! We truly got lucky to have found something [...]

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So I realize that Ashley is not only the funny one in this relationship (be it self-proclaimed or otherwise), but she’s also the blogger of the relationship. Things may change once her residency starts in July, but for now, she wears the proverbial blogger pants. This doesn’t mean, however, that I’m incapable of contributing! Now [...]

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…probably not what you thought. If there are a couple things in life that I have a soft spot for I’d have to say they were children, dogs, and well…Starbucks. I first got my dog, Boo, a 4.5lb Yorkshire Terrier when I was recovering from my breakup with Brad Womack. Boo was my rebound. As [...]