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Our relationship has certainly been a test in compromise and the ability to adapt to overwhelming transition. When we found out we had to move to New Jersey to be close to my new residency, we were confronted with a whole lot of decisions, changes, and most importantly compromises! When we realized we needed to [...]

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It was well worth the wait. After this little blue bag followed me around the apartment on Friday…I could hardly wait for birthday Saturday to come! I’ve never been a huge fancy jewelry kinda girl, but, hey, I can’t complain! I was curious to see what the heck it was, or maybe if it was [...]

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We had the amazing privilege to attend a prom gala and silent auction put on by Randi Rahm at the Jumeirah Essex House this past week. It was so eye opening and for such an incredible cause. The proceeds from the silent auction and gala went to benefit Operation Prom and the Children’s Storefront, a [...]

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Our relationship has grown exponentially over the past year.  Needless to say, our dating path has not followed the norm, but at this point, our relationship develops similarly to any other healthy relationship.   Learning each other’s little idiosyncrasies is all a part of the natural dating evolution.  Sometimes these little habits can annoy one another [...]

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So I realize that Ashley is not only the funny one in this relationship (be it self-proclaimed or otherwise), but she’s also the blogger of the relationship. Things may change once her residency starts in July, but for now, she wears the proverbial blogger pants. This doesn’t mean, however, that I’m incapable of contributing! Now [...]

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A product of feeling silly and nostalgic about my one year bachelorette anniversary today! Sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves!! Watch at your own risk… but please enjoy!

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I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to post this first message.  A moment where I was so inspired that you could feel it in every word I type.  So here it is: Everyone that has been on the show can certainly relate to the anxiety of the actual airing of the episodes.  The time [...]