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We’re so excited to finally be celebrating our 1 year anniversary at the ME Cancun Resort in Cancun!! We’re about two hours into the flight, two cocktails in and …






(He’s totally going to kill me for this pic!)

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all!


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The Bachelorette Episode 2: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Emily is one of the most beautiful women to hit my television screen. Besides the fact that these guys tell her incessantly, I really have yet to see her look anything but stunning! Her flawless hair, porcelain face, and outfits are TDF (to die for). It is easy to be blinded by her beauty, but I want to point out …Read More at

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cute baby

1.  I only have to take my child to the dentist when they have all their teeth in. FALSE.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry guidelines state that the first examination is recommended at the time of the eruption of the first tooth and no later than 12 months of age. The developing dentition and occlusion should be monitored throughout eruption at regular clinical examinations.

2.  Juice is a healthy drink choice for my child. FALSE

People often think juice is perfectly safe for their child because it is loaded with Vitamin C, however what you don’t know is that it is one of the leading causes of childhood caries.  Water should be the only thing you are allowing your child to drink on a regular basis.

3.  Putting my baby to sleep with a bottle is safe and the only way they can fall asleep. FALSE.

There is actually a syndrome named after this.  It is called Baby Bottle Syndrome and here are a few pictures of what it looks like. 





Need I say more??


4.  Children don’t need fillings in their baby teeth; they fall out anyway!

“Baby” teeth, just like permanent teeth, still experience cavities, pain, and and the potential to cause life-threatening infections.  They need to be monitored and treated just as “adult” teeth.  Cavities are an infection, and you would never leave infection elsewhere in the body right?

5.  My child can brush their own teeth by themselves.

Children lack the manual dexterity to brush on their own, but it also important to allow them feel a sense of accomplishment by allowing them to do it on their own. Once your child has finished brushing, its important for you to go back over to check their work and make sure they didn’t miss a spot! A good rule of thumb is, if your child can tie their own shoe, they usually have the dexterity to brush their own teeth.  You should still monitor until you barely have to touch up!

There are so many more myths to come!


Happy Anniversary!


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May 13 – It was 1 year ago today that I proposed to the woman of my dreams.  Wishing the love of my a life a very happy first anniversary.  Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. I’m by far the luckiest man on earth and I have no idea what I would ever do without you. I love you.


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I’m all about revamping the wardroom when Spring arrives! Out with the old…in with the new!! However you mix and match, here are a list of my top 10 must-have classic pieces.  I can usually justify spending a bit more on these items because they are timeless, and key to mixing and matching! Find my splurge on the left and steal on the right! Enjoy!

1. Classic Blazer in Black or White.

I just recently checked my closet and I have three white blazers.  I love the way you can use blazers to add a bit of sophistication to anything really.  I just recently purchased this amazeballs Ted Baker Blazer in black, and it might honestly be the best item I own.





2.  Nude Pumps

They go with everything, and best of all, make your legs look longer! I’ll take em!




3.  Gold Cuff




4.  Boyfriend Watch




5.  Colored Denim





6.  Comfy Flats





7.  Cowboy Boots





8. Diamond Earrings




9.  Structured Bag





10.  Neutral Blouse






What do you all think of my must-haves for Spring?!


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I had the funniest conversation with someone yesterday.  This person, who I had just met for the first time, wasn’t a fan of The Bachelor/ette and had no clue about the past year of my life.  We spoke for about 15 minutes when eventually the conversation turned to the topic of “significant others.”  I obviously mentioned that I was engaged for “about a year” and soon moving out of NYC with my bride-to-be.  He followed up by asking how long I had known my fiancé, to which I also answered “about a year.” I could see the gears turning in his mind, wondering how I could possibly be engaged for a year and have only known my fiancé for a year.  I laughed for a bit, then proceeded to retell the story of how Ashely and i met.  Recapping my “journey” for probably the 1 millionth time (it really never gets old), it got me thinking.  It’s so incredible to think about where I was a year ago and how much has changed in my life.  But change for me (us) is not over! There is more to come! There is the obvious change, which allows me stop calling a certain someone my “fiancé” and start calling her my beautiful “wife.” But this isn’t the change to which I’m referring. There is something changing that is far more life altering…I AM MOVING TO JERSEY!!  I’m sure to many of you this doesn’t really mean a whole hell of a lot, but for us Long Islanders/New Yorkers, even the thought of such a thing is sacrilege.  Well, I have since come to terms with the move and honest to goodness I couldn’t be happier to begin this phase of life with the woman I love. Ashley had written a blog post a few weeks ago revolving around all she’d miss about NYC.  Well, I too have my things about New York that I will miss. I have lived in NYC for 12 years and believe me when I tell you that there isn’t a better city in the world for someone in their 20’s/30’s.  I know that I’m not moving far away and that I will still be commuting to work here every day, but I still feel like that I’m leaving.  The following is a top 3 list of some of the less obvious things that I will miss about living in New York City.

  1.  Ashley had it right!  I’m a total foodie and NYC has some of the best food in the world.  It also has some of the most unique.  Where else can you find complete menus dedicated to one specific food?
    1. S’MAC or MacBar – Mac & Cheese
    2. The Meatball Shop – Personal fav!
    3. Crif Dog – Hot dogs
    4. Pommes Frites – French Fries (and Poutine)
    5. Rickshaw Dumpling Bar

2.     The influence that the rest of the world has on NYC is remarkable.  NYC is a true melting pot and can be clearly seen by walking from one block to the next.  The other day when Ashley’s parents came to visit, we spent the morning down in Chinatown having dim sum, then crossed canal street on Lafayette and a block later we were having canolis in Little Italy.  In addition to Chinatown and Little Italy, NYC is also represented by Koreatown, Little Brasil, Little Tokyo, Little Germany, etc. Remarkable!

3.     I’ve been rolling out of bed and commuting to work in 7-10 minutes for nearly 12 years. I definitely took this for granted!  I am now looking forward to, at worst,  a door-to-door commute of about an hour and 30 minutes!  I thought I was busy before, but this now eats up over 3 hours of my life every single day. I’m hoping the purchase of a new iPad will make this transition a bit easier.


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I know better than anyone that you can’t judge these guys based on those (terrible) ABC photos.  I mean…can we please look back at my photo? Woof.






But I do think you can learn a bit about someone by reading their answers to a few key questions.  Based on photo and bio, here are my picks for Em so far!

4.  Sean

Seems like a southern gentleman. I just think they would look good together!  And I love that he laughs at himself.  This is a sign of someone who is probably going on the show looking to have a good time, but will probably be surprised by how strongly he will end up feeling for her. Those are the best guys!

3.  Alessandro

I know Emily likes that scruffy, unpolished look.  This guy has longer hair, a seemingly carefree attitude and hes from Brazil! I loved a few things from his bio.  He seems like a family guy by choosing his parents as people he admires, he speaks three languages and he spends money on outdoor gear.  Not to say that is exactly what Em is looking for, but he seems pretty grounded and down to earth to me! Hopefully he has a little accent!

2.  Charlie

Seems like a sweet guy.  The fact that he has a dog, makes me like him even more! I think people who love dogs/animals have such a great capability for love.  I have a super soft spot for dogs and children and the fact that he said his happiness would be “every dog fed and every child with a roof over their head” has me sold! Emily needs a sweet guy with a good head on his shoulders, and a worldly view on happiness. Charlie is my second choice for her!

1.  Arie

If I had to put my money on a guy, it would be Arie. I don’t know that just because hes a race car driver, Emily will immediately go for him, but there’s something to be said about being with someone that comes from the same world you do.  This just makes sense to me.  Arie is my pick for Em!


Can’t wait!

What do you all think!?



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This post is dedicated to sweet JP, who is the epitome of what one would think a New Yorker would be! He wears freshly pressed suits to work each day, and even knows where to stand on the subway in order to be closest to the stairs at the next train station. Too cute. I, however, am probably the complete opposite of a New Yorker. I love that small town feel, driving to the store, and walking in the grass. So when people ask me how I like New York, I never know what to say. As we inch closer to our “move to jersey” day…I am starting to feel nostalgic about all the things I love in NYC. Here are the things I’ll miss most:

1. The Food

Omg, the food is the best thing about New York.  My two favorite restaurants are Beauty and Essex and Scalinatella. Yummers.






2.  Convenience

Everything you need to survive is within a two block radius.  Need dry-cleaning? Done. Need new dish cloths? Done.  Need a good Thai Restaurant that delivers? Done. Need a hammer? Done.





3.  The Shopping

High end, low end, vintage…whatever you need, they have it.  And on top of that…it’s probably only a few blocks away.  Who needs online shopping?






4.  Seeing JP happy around his friends and family

I think its important in relationship to sacrifice some of the things you need/want to make the person you are with happy. Sometimes, seeing that person happy, is more fulfilling than what you wanted in the first place. When I found out that we would have to move to New Jersey in order for me to attend my Pediatric Dental Residency, I immediately felt an immense amount of guilt for taking JP out of NYC.  He’s lived here for 12 years.  His friends, family, memories, and his whole life is here. I am so grateful he is making this sacrifice for us, but I will certainly miss his love for this city and the happiness he feels when hes around his family and friends. :)






Good bye NYC. I’ll miss you.



Families Unite!


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I could not wait for my parents to visit us in NYC, and the week turned out to be one of the best ones yet! Soho, Central Park, Battery Park, 911 name it…we did it! Probably the most memorable night was their last night, when we went out to Long Island to visit JP’s family. My stepfather could not stop saying how nervous he was! Knowing how sweet and welcoming JP’s family is, I knew they would all hit it off immediately! Obviously, I didn’t want a repeat of the “family date” in Fiji!!

As I expected, they hit it off immediately! It was a night filled with laughter, reminiscing, food, and drinks! I could not have asked for a better family visit!